Consumers on Nottingham high street
30 Jun, 2015

Recent surveys had pointed to waning sales growth, but today's figures are more encouraging

20 May, 2015

It's official: Britain has slipped into deflation, with prices falling for the first time since the 1960s

A customer pulls the nozzle of a petrol pump
14 Jan, 2015

Chancellor insists that the sharp fall in inflation should not be confused with deflation

The Mole
13 Jan, 2015

Think tank warns of £170bn extra debt under Labour but paints a miserable picture if Tories succeed

Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange
01 Sep, 2014

Even with the UK economy in recovery and the US markets booming, some analysts see disaster ahead

Unemployment figures nearing six-year low
13 Aug, 2014

Economists warn of 'paymageddon' as average wages see 'shock' fall for the first time in five years

Flags outside European Parliament
21 May, 2014

On the eve of the EU elections, economist Guido Cozzi lays out the rules for saving the eurozone

The Mole
20 May, 2014

Latest figures play into Ed Miliband's hands – though he appears out-of-touch with his own family finances

26 Feb, 2014

All political parties need to commit to a licence fee linked to inflation, argues Steven Barnett

Bank of England
18 Feb, 2014

Bank says rate will fall further from today's 1.9 per cent figure, reaching 1.7 per cent in March