One-Minute Read
27 May, 2015

Richard Prince attacked for selling Instagram users' images for $90,000, but it's not against the law

Two women pose for an 'usie' in Hyde Park
01 Aug, 2014

Social bonding or rampant narcissism? Academics argue over the cultural significance of 'usies'

Bolt app
In Depth
30 Jul, 2014

New messaging service from the makers of Instagram is trying to muscle in on a crowded market

IDF Instagram photo from February
One-Minute Read
21 Jul, 2014

Another old photo causes outrage on social media – so how reliable are the #GazaUnderAttack images?

A TSA agent
One-Minute Read
11 Jul, 2014

Ninja stars, bear spray and iPhone knives – just some of the oddities on the TSA's Instagram account

 Instagram logo displayed on a smartphone
News Hub
03 Jun, 2014

Instagram has strict rules on nudity – but not all social media sites are so puritanical

Oculus Headset
26 Mar, 2014

Tech community divided by Facebook's purchase of much-hyped virtual reality firm Oculus VR

One-Minute Read
20 Mar, 2014

New smartphone app uses FourSquare and Instagram to help people steer clear of unwanted interactions

One-Minute Read
21 Jun, 2013

The launch of the new 15-second video comes as Vine, the video feature Twitter bought last October, soars to reach 13m users