Two women pose for an 'usie' in Hyde Park

Usies vs selfies: the latest web photo trend

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Fri 1 Aug, AT 12:24

Social bonding or rampant narcissism? Academics argue over the cultural significance of 'usies'

Bolt app

Bolt app: what is it and how is it different from Snapchat?

Wed 30 Jul, AT 13:23

New messaging service from the makers of Instagram is trying to muscle in on a crowded market

IDF Instagram photo from February

IDF Instagram of child in crosshairs was from February

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Mon 21 Jul, AT 10:08

Another old photo causes outrage on social media – so how reliable are the #GazaUnderAttack images?

A TSA agent

9 bizarre weapons found by airport security

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Fri 11 Jul, AT 11:20

Ninja stars, bear spray and iPhone knives – just some of the oddities on the TSA's Instagram account

 Instagram logo displayed on a smartphone

Which social media sites won't let you #freethenipple?

Tue 3 Jun, AT 15:27

Instagram has strict rules on nudity – but not all social media sites are so puritanical

Oculus Headset

Oculus: why has Facebook bought virtual gaming company for $2bn?

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Wed 26 Mar, AT 09:49

Tech community divided by Facebook's purchase of much-hyped virtual reality firm Oculus VR

Cloak: new 'anti-social' app helps users avoid friends

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Thu 20 Mar, AT 12:33

New smartphone app uses FourSquare and Instagram to help people steer clear of unwanted interactions

Facebook adds 'snackable' video feature to Instagram

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Fri 21 Jun, AT 10:38

The launch of the new 15-second video comes as Vine, the video feature Twitter bought last October, soars to reach 13m users

What is Facebook Home? The new Android app explained

Fri 5 Apr, AT 13:13

Zuckerberg describes it as "the soul of your phone" - but critics warn it's a threat to privacy