Oculus Headset

Oculus: why has Facebook bought virtual gaming company for $2bn?

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Tech community divided by Facebook's purchase of much-hyped virtual reality firm Oculus VR

Cloak: new 'anti-social' app helps users avoid friends

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New smartphone app uses FourSquare and Instagram to help people steer clear of unwanted interactions

Facebook adds 'snackable' video feature to Instagram

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The launch of the new 15-second video comes as Vine, the video feature Twitter bought last October, soars to reach 13m users

What is Facebook Home? The new Android app explained

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Zuckerberg describes it as "the soul of your phone" - but critics warn it's a threat to privacy

Ten technology companies to watch out for in 2013

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Which start-ups will make it big this year and can web dinosaurs like MySpace be revived?

Instagram demands right to sell users' photos to advertisers

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Photo-sharing site enrages users with new privacy terms giving it the right to sell content

Policeman fires gun outside Kate Middleton's Welsh home

The Tabloids Fri 2 Nov, AT 13:05

Tabloid tales: gun accidentally fired outside royal home; Justin Bieber drops hints that he's single

Facebook phone

Facebook phone rumour returns, but should Apple or Google worry?

One-Minute Read Mon 28 May, AT 15:14

New York Times claims that social network has recruited former software and hardware engineers from Apple

Why has Facebook bought Instagram for $1bn?

Briefing Tue 10 Apr, AT 09:53

Social network giant saw a potential future competitor in fast-growing photo-sharing app