International Monetary Fund

German finance minister says Greece will need a third bailout

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Wed 21 Aug, AT 14:34

On eve of German election, Wolfgang Schauble admits Greece will require further support

George Osborne

IMF tells George Osborne: 'up your game'

Thu 18 Jul, AT 11:57

Despite raising UK's growth forecast, the IMF says Chancellor must do more – but not everyone agrees

Osborne's Help to Buy scheme may be 'genuine hazard'

Mon 1 Jul, AT 11:30

Leading housebuilder says time limit on scheme must be imposed to reduce threat to housing market

Mark Carney: Europe faces lost decade unless it's bold

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Wed 22 May, AT 10:11

Incoming 'rock star' Bank of England governor warns of 'a decade of stagnation' without reforms

No triple-dip 'disaster', but Osborne's economy still flat

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Thu 25 Apr, AT 13:50

Slim GDP growth is 'big positive' for chancellor in political terms, but economy is still flatlining

Christine LaGarde

Cops raid Lagarde's Paris home: not the headline the IMF needed

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Thu 21 Mar, AT 11:56

Christine Lagarde's appointment was meant to bring a fragrant new era post-DSK. What went wrong?

GDP contraction piles pressure on Osborne to change course

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Fri 25 Jan, AT 11:35

'Austerity isn't working': 0.3% contraction renews calls for U-turn as Britain faces triple-dip recession

George Osborne

Pressure on Osborne as IMF issues gloomy growth forecast

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Tue 9 Oct, AT 07:19

UK needs to be ready to reverse current austerity tactics if economy remains weak, says Fund

More austerity planned as Greek GDP continues huge contraction

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Mon 13 Aug, AT 14:48

Greece, in ninth straight quarter of GDP decline, must agree yet more austerity cuts by next month

Moody's threatens Germany downgrade as Spanish bonds soar

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Tue 24 Jul, AT 10:24

Credit rating agency says stable eurozone nations are threatened by developments in Spain and Greece