Is massive cyber-attack just the first of many?

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'Nuclear bomb' that slowed global internet connections is part of growing trend, experts warn

Kim Dotcom

Is Kim Dotcom's new site Mega a triumph for privacy or piracy?

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MegaUpload founder's cloud storage website gets US prosecutors in a 'tizzy'

What is IPv6, the system that has revolutionised the internet?

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Google and Facebook switched to the next generation of networking today - but did anyone notice?

Can Pirate Pay put an end to illegal internet downloads?

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Russian company has won the backing of Microsoft as it develops anti-piracy technology

Berners-Lee slams government snooping and warns Google

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Plans to spy on internet use must be stopped; Google and Facebook might not be around forever


Google accused of paying bloggers to promote Chrome

One-Minute Read Wed 4 Jan, AT 13:45

Search giant blames ad agency over blogs labelled 'this post is sponsored by Google'

Steve Jobs stands down as Apple CEO

RIP Steve Jobs scam exploits Apple fans’ misery

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Facebook message offering free iPads appears hours after Apple founder’s death

Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia founder raises fears over site’s future

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The number of volunteers contributing to the online encyclopaedia is falling warns Jimmy Wales