Piracy flag

Piracy crackdown imminent – how will it affect you?

Briefing Fri 9 May, AT 12:40

Internet pirates to receive ‘alert’ letters from 2015. But are more draconian measures on the horizon?

Kim Dotcom

Is Kim Dotcom's new site Mega a triumph for privacy or piracy?

First Reaction Sun 20 Jan, AT 14:30

MegaUpload founder's cloud storage website gets US prosecutors in a 'tizzy'

Graham Linehan

'They're fans - not internet pirates,' says Graham Linehan

One-Minute Read Mon 28 May, AT 10:35

Father Ted creator says illegal downloaders shouldn't be demonised for 'wanting to get content as soon as they can'

Kim Dotcom

Videos show Megaupload's Kim Dotcom was tourist from hell

Video Fri 27 Jan, AT 15:09

Home movies show Dotcom and cronies behaving badly while out and about in Hong Kong (video)

Kim Dotcom

Megaupload megamaniac: the mad, mad world of Kim Dotcom

Wed 25 Jan, AT 07:26 Charles Laurence

Auckland judge orders Kim Dotcom to remain in custody as his colourful reputation soars

Megaupload rivals clamp down on piracy - but should they worry?

First Post Mon 23 Jan, AT 13:57

FileSonic has disabled its filesharing capability, but it looks like Megaupload was a one-off