Google unearths child abuse by monitoring Gmail accounts

Google reports man for 'sending child porn'

One-Minute Read Tue 5 Aug, AT 08:58

Man arrested after Google flagged images of alleged child abuse sent from his Gmail account

The Google search page

New 'Hidden from Google' website lists 'censored' links

One-Minute Read Wed 16 Jul, AT 09:55

Website challenges 'right to be forgotten' by archiving 'actions of censorship' online

Reflection of the Facebook logo

Was Facebook's 'creepy' study funded by the US military?

One-Minute Read Thu 3 Jul, AT 14:16

Confusion over military involvement, but the American military is already studying you

Reflection of the Facebook logo

How GCHQ can spy on your Facebook without a warrant

One-Minute Read Tue 17 Jun, AT 15:07

Top official reveals secret government policy justifying mass surveillance of social media users

Google unearths child abuse by monitoring Gmail accounts

Reset the Net: Google joins anti-surveillance campaign

Briefing Fri 6 Jun, AT 08:43

A year after Edward Snowden's revelations, can Reset the Net help to restore online privacy?

The 'Facebook' logo

Facebook sends in blue dinosaur to dispel privacy fears

First Reaction Fri 23 May, AT 14:16

Can 'Zuckasaurus' increase trust in Facebook or will he end up like Microsoft's Clippy the paper clip?

Can Mark Zuckerberg lecture Barack Obama on privacy?

Talking Point Fri 14 Mar, AT 16:39

Zuckerberg has often been accused of a lax attitude to internet privacy, but the NSA revelations may have changed that

Tim Berners-Lee calls for online Magna Carta as web turns 25

One-Minute Read Wed 12 Mar, AT 10:24

Inventor of the World Wide Web says it's time to create an online bill of rights to defend freedom and privacy

New laws needed to stop 'trial by Twitter', says Lord Leveson

First Reaction Fri 7 Dec, AT 10:11

And there's the unending punishment, and no prospect of rehabilitation, by Google, says judge


Google faces global revolt over privacy changes

First Post Thu 1 Mar, AT 09:26

EU investigation launched as search giant accused of breaching data protection laws