Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds blasts off as Space earns rave reviews

Fri 23 Mar, AT 15:53

Latest Angry Birds game gets the thumbs up as Rovio predict 2 billion downloads

Spectacular display has fans drooling over ‘iPad 3’

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Fri 16 Mar, AT 15:46

‘Retina’ screen gets top marks but is the new iPad really worth queuing five days for?

Tim Cook presents new Apple iPad 3

New iPad gets mixed reception despite stunning 'retina' screen

Thu 8 Mar, AT 09:13

New name and Tim Cook's presentation don't go down too well, but hi-res display a winner

Apple iPad 3

TV sets and 4G? What's in store at Apple iPad 3 launch

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Wed 7 Mar, AT 13:53

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive ahead of the latest Apple event

Apple iPad

Apple iPad 3 gets launch date, and will there be an iPad mini?

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Tue 14 Feb, AT 15:23

Announcement expected in early March, but Chinese company moves to ban iPad sales

Amazon and Apple set for tablet war next spring

One-Minute Read
Tue 22 Nov, AT 12:28

New versions of the Kindle Fire and iPad could launch at the same time

The Week magazine launches an iPad app

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Fri 18 Nov, AT 15:30

Following the launch of its new website, The Week magazine is now available to iPad users