iPhone 7 concept
13 Jul, 2015

Apple's new iPad and iPhone operating system will offer longer battery life and an overhauled keyboard

Microsoft Surface 3
05 May, 2015

Laptop-tablet hybrid does a passable impression of both devices, but is still no match for the purebreds, reviewers say

29 Apr, 2015

American Airlines replaced manuals with iPads to stop pilots injuring themselves with heavy flight documents

iPhone 6
25 Sep, 2014

Apple apologises for 'great inconvenience' of flawed iOS 8 update, promising to work 'round the clock' to fix the problem

19 Aug, 2013

Supermarket giant expected to launch £130 tablet in bid to regain lost profits on books and DVDs

01 Aug, 2013

Apple can't shift its business away from Samsung yet, says Wall Street Journal tech correspondent

11 Jun, 2013

Jony Ive's first Apple operating system is a 'radical overhaul' - but the reviews are mixed

18 Apr, 2013

Analysts claim the tech business has lost its 'mojo' as share price drops amid fears over iPhone sales

07 Feb, 2013

Shamed former MP bought £600 tablet shortly before pleading guilty to speeding lie

24 Jan, 2013

Despite records revenues, investors are worried about slowing growth and iPhone's destiny