21 Jan, 2013

'Apple fever' not over, says one analyst, but sales of new products are falling off too quickly

02 Jan, 2013

Three-quarters of smartphones sold over festive period featured Android operating system

12 Dec, 2012

Classic role-playing video game, with clever iPad update, withstands the test of time

06 Dec, 2012

Investors take fright as China Mobile puts Nokia handsets ahead of iPhone 5

30 Nov, 2012

Once again, Nintendo has produced a game-changing console, but can the Wii U compete with PS4?

23 Nov, 2012

New Barnes & Noble device just launched in UK 'matches up well' to Amazon's Kindle HD

13 Nov, 2012

Far East rumour mill churns out claims about next generation iPhone and iPad, plus an Apple-branded TV

David Cameron at the UN
08 Nov, 2012

Prime Minister is so happy with new app he can't wait to show it to Obama at G8 summit

05 Nov, 2012

Apple paid only 1.9% tax on profits, adding to controversy over US companies paying low tax rates in Britain

29 Oct, 2012

Official New York launch event for tablet and smartphone cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy