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Txtr beagle: will the no-thrills £8 ebook be a Kindle killer?

One-Minute Read
Thu 11 Oct, AT 14:31

Germans set to shake up e-book market with cheapest and lightest e-reader ever seen

Apple's mini iPad marks the end of the Steve Jobs era

Talking Point
Thu 4 Oct, AT 15:00

Apple's control of tablet market is under threat as rivals force its hand

Google pans Apple maps, but is it working on an iPhone app?

Talking Point
Wed 26 Sep, AT 13:47

Eric Schmidt says Apple made a mistake, but iPhone maker might have caught Google on the hop

iPad iOS6 clock v Swiss railway clock

Apple accused of ripping off Swiss clock for new iOS6 app

One-Minute Read
Fri 21 Sep, AT 10:45

After Apple sues Samsung $1bn for copying its products, is it time for the iPad maker to cough up?


Apple loses its way - and major landmarks - with new Maps app

First Reaction
Thu 20 Sep, AT 15:46

iOS6 iPhone upgrade drops Google Maps for 'dumb' Apple Maps

Charlie Sheen: 'the iPad makes a good weapon'

The Tabloids
Tue 11 Sep, AT 12:15

Tabloid tales: Sheen throws iPad, man caught with monkey in pants, hotel gets ferret request

Amazon Kindle Fire HD ignites Apple iPad tablet war

Talking Point
Fri 7 Sep, AT 15:08

Much-anticipated seven-inch tablets on their way to the UK for the first time

Apple becomes most valuable company ever – or does it?

One-Minute Read
Tue 21 Aug, AT 12:33

Tech giant overtakes rival Microsoft’s 1999 record – but not when you adjust for inflation

TimeOut becomes a freebie: what will relaunch mean?

First Reaction
Thu 2 Aug, AT 16:08

'Grand-daddy of listing magazines' goes free as it aims to increase circulation to 300,000

Apple must run ads saying Samsung didn't copy iPad

First Post
Thu 19 Jul, AT 10:38

US tech giant to eat humble pie by UK judge after losing copyright infringement action