26 Oct, 2012

Tim Cook calls it a confused product - but others love the 'sleek' device, if not its 'clumsy' software

24 Oct, 2012

The new device is the equal of its rivals, so why is it so much more expensive?

Guardian offices
18 Oct, 2012

Media blogger Greenslade dismisses 'digital-only' Guardian report as 'wholly inaccurate'

11 Oct, 2012

Germans set to shake up e-book market with cheapest and lightest e-reader ever seen

04 Oct, 2012

Apple's control of tablet market is under threat as rivals force its hand

26 Sep, 2012

Eric Schmidt says Apple made a mistake, but iPhone maker might have caught Google on the hop

iPad iOS6 clock v Swiss railway clock
21 Sep, 2012

After Apple sues Samsung $1bn for copying its products, is it time for the iPad maker to cough up?

20 Sep, 2012

iOS6 iPhone upgrade drops Google Maps for 'dumb' Apple Maps

11 Sep, 2012

Tabloid tales: Sheen throws iPad, man caught with monkey in pants, hotel gets ferret request

07 Sep, 2012

Much-anticipated seven-inch tablets on their way to the UK for the first time