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Shares fall after Apple cuts iPhone 5 components orders

Tue 15 Jan, AT 08:18

Is the iPhone 5 really that much of a flop? Some analysts believe share price drop is 'overdone'


iPhone 5 reviews: a design classic, despite spec flaws

Talking Point
Wed 19 Sep, AT 09:43

Friendly critics drool over 'arguably the most beautiful object Apple has ever produced'

Can Apple's iPhone 5 launch really excite the marketplace?

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Wed 12 Sep, AT 07:20

With rivals taking aim with dozens of smartphone models, Apple needs to prove it can keep innovating

Apple steals Nokia's thunder with iPhone 5 launch event

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Wed 5 Sep, AT 19:58

Apple expected to win back a huge chunk of smartphone market with new device

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August launch for Apple iPhone 5 – but it's on sale in China now

One-Minute Read
Fri 13 Jul, AT 15:06

Opportunistic sellers in China are already taking pre-orders for the new Apple smartphone

Samsung smashes Apple in battle of the smartphones

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Fri 28 Oct, AT 15:27

Figures for the third quarter show Samsung shooting ahead of their arch rivals


Apple blames rumours for disappointing profits

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Wed 19 Oct, AT 15:30

Tech company says people put off buying iPhones due to speculation over product launches

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Apple iPhone 4S: faster but not thrilling enough

Wed 5 Oct, AT 13:11

Talking Point: Apple fanboys may be disappointed, but iPhone 4GS will outsell the 4