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iPhone 5 users face extra £120 charge for high-speed 4G

One-Minute Read
Mon 8 Oct, AT 09:46

And that's despite the fact that 4G is cheaper to run for phone companies than existing 3G

iPhone 5 factory shut after mass brawl leaves 40 workers injured

One-Minute Read
Mon 24 Sep, AT 12:33

Chinese police called in to deal with thousands of workers fighting and rioting in dormitories

iPad iOS6 clock v Swiss railway clock

Apple accused of ripping off Swiss clock for new iOS6 app

One-Minute Read
Fri 21 Sep, AT 10:45

After Apple sues Samsung $1bn for copying its products, is it time for the iPad maker to cough up?

Will iPhone 5 cost $800? Apple fans outraged by price rumour

One-Minute Read
Thu 2 Aug, AT 12:55

For $800, it had better be waterproof, fireproof, and be able to download food, say Apple fans

Apple nearly scrapped iPhone, admits its British designer

One-Minute Read
Tue 31 Jul, AT 13:30

Six weeks ahead of iPhone5 launch, Sir Jonathan Ive tells how smartphone was nearly abandoned

Apple Inc

Apple loses patent battle with smartphone rival HTC

One-Minute Read
Thu 5 Jul, AT 09:08

Ruling allows Taiwanese firm's 'slide to unlock' products to be sold in UK

WWDC 2012 Apple conference

WWDC 2012: Apple adds Facebook to iPhone, defriends Google Maps

First Post
Tue 12 Jun, AT 10:14

Apple shift allegiances, but is it in danger of putting people off with new Facebook integration?

Facebook phone

Facebook phone rumour returns, but should Apple or Google worry?

One-Minute Read
Mon 28 May, AT 15:14

New York Times claims that social network has recruited former software and hardware engineers from Apple

Samsung Galaxy S3: is it time to ditch the iPhone yet?

Fri 4 May, AT 13:54

Follow up to best-selling Android phone has smart features but it just doesn't look or feel the part

Berners-Lee slams government snooping and warns Google

Wed 18 Apr, AT 10:44

Plans to spy on internet use must be stopped; Google and Facebook might not be around forever