24 Jan, 2013

Despite records revenues, investors are worried about slowing growth and iPhone's destiny

21 Jan, 2013

'Apple fever' not over, says one analyst, but sales of new products are falling off too quickly

13 Dec, 2012

Eric Schmidt says despite criticism from MPs he has no intention of paying anymore tax

05 Nov, 2012

Apple paid only 1.9% tax on profits, adding to controversy over US companies paying low tax rates in Britain

15 Oct, 2012

Tabloid tales: K-Stew's death worries, Cheryl gives Katy Perry One Direction dolls, smallest penis competition

08 Oct, 2012

And that's despite the fact that 4G is cheaper to run for phone companies than existing 3G

24 Sep, 2012

Chinese police called in to deal with thousands of workers fighting and rioting in dormitories

iPad iOS6 clock v Swiss railway clock
21 Sep, 2012

After Apple sues Samsung $1bn for copying its products, is it time for the iPad maker to cough up?

11 Sep, 2012

Student interns are allegedly being compelled to work at plants making iPhones or their components in China

02 Aug, 2012

For $800, it had better be waterproof, fireproof, and be able to download food, say Apple fans