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Why has Facebook bought Instagram for $1bn?

Tue 10 Apr, AT 09:53

Social network giant saw a potential future competitor in fast-growing photo-sharing app

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds blasts off as Space earns rave reviews

Fri 23 Mar, AT 15:53

Latest Angry Birds game gets the thumbs up as Rovio predict 2 billion downloads

Amanda Knox's Italian ex is 'on his way to Seattle'

The Tabloids
Thu 15 Mar, AT 09:45

Red top tales: Rafaelle Sollecito heads for Knox's home city where she has a new boyfriend

iPhone - Pingit

What is Pingit and is it safe to transfer your money by phone?

Thu 16 Feb, AT 15:28

Will new Barclays app be as 'revolutionary as the credit card' - or will it put your funds at risk?

Apple halts iPhone sales in China after Beijing revolt

One-Minute Read
Fri 13 Jan, AT 11:36

Tech giant suspends store sales after huge crowds fight and throw eggs at iPhone 4S launch

Apple security boss leaves after iPhone prototype cock-up

One-Minute Read
Fri 4 Nov, AT 13:41

John Theriault, thought to have headed up 'Apple Gestapo', leaves under a cloud