One-Minute Read
20 Sep, 2011

Android’s Google Wallet system allows users pay for goods with their smartphones

One-Minute Read
23 Aug, 2011

Cheaper 8GB version of Apple iPhone 4 will launch within weeks, say unnamed sources

Phoney Apple iPhone from China
One-Minute Read
02 Aug, 2011

Chinese iPhone 5 fake released well before the real thing – but is it an accurate copy?

One-Minute Read
22 Jul, 2011

New survey about UK’s most desired gadgets shows Apple mobile way ahead of Blackberry

Apple's iPhone
One-Minute Read
20 Jul, 2011

Steve Jobs announces tech company’s ‘best quarter ever’ as share price hits $400

One-Minute Read
13 Jul, 2011

The character, renamed Cuddle Bear, promised to teach 11 ‘exotic’ hip-hop dance moves

HTC Flyer tablet
One-Minute Read
12 Jul, 2011

Technology giant seeks to protect market share by challenging HTC over mobile and tablet devices

David Haye poster
One-Minute Read
15 Jun, 2011

British boxer winds up his opponent with mobile phone game in which he knocks his rival’s head off

One-Minute Read
09 May, 2011

New generation of electronic devices can be controlled by being bent and twisted

Heatherington dead