iphone launch
14 Oct, 2011

As ever there was a rush to get hold of a new phone but iOS5 is the big news

Steve Jobs Time magazine
07 Oct, 2011

The death of Steve Jobs continues to dominate media headlines. Here are five of the best stories

Apple iPhone 4
05 Oct, 2011

Talking Point: Apple fanboys may be disappointed, but iPhone 4GS will outsell the 4

20 Sep, 2011

Android’s Google Wallet system allows users pay for goods with their smartphones

23 Aug, 2011

Cheaper 8GB version of Apple iPhone 4 will launch within weeks, say unnamed sources

Phoney Apple iPhone from China
02 Aug, 2011

Chinese iPhone 5 fake released well before the real thing – but is it an accurate copy?

22 Jul, 2011

New survey about UK’s most desired gadgets shows Apple mobile way ahead of Blackberry

Apple's iPhone
20 Jul, 2011

Steve Jobs announces tech company’s ‘best quarter ever’ as share price hits $400

13 Jul, 2011

The character, renamed Cuddle Bear, promised to teach 11 ‘exotic’ hip-hop dance moves

HTC Flyer tablet
12 Jul, 2011

Technology giant seeks to protect market share by challenging HTC over mobile and tablet devices