Word Lens translation app causes a sensation

News Fri 17 Dec, AT 15:41

Video: Point your iPhone camera at a Spanish menu – and get an instant translation into English...

A man buys two Apple iPads

Apple looks set for April release of iPad 2

News Sun 21 Nov, AT 13:57

Analysts say second- generation iPad will hold front-facing camera


iPhone FAIL: Alarm bug creates mass tardiness

News Mon 1 Nov, AT 12:46

The glitch which causes iPhone alarms to go off an hour late strikes again

White iPhone

Apple postpones white iPhone 4 for third time

News Wed 27 Oct, AT 16:51

Albino version of the handset won’t be available until 2011, when it could be a white elephant


Nokia appoints Microsoft man as new CEO

News Fri 10 Sep, AT 12:09

Business Digest: Change comes as Nokia fails to make headway in the tough smartphone market

Foxconn employees in China

Shares fall at iPhone maker Foxconn as losses mount

News Tue 31 Aug, AT 11:24

Business Digest: Foxconn loses $143m as it moves production to cheaper inland China