Word Lens translation app causes a sensation

News Fri 17 Dec, AT 15:41

Video: Point your iPhone camera at a Spanish menu – and get an instant translation into English...

A man buys two Apple iPads

Apple looks set for April release of iPad 2

News Sun 21 Nov, AT 13:57

Analysts say second- generation iPad will hold front-facing camera


iPhone FAIL: Alarm bug creates mass tardiness

News Mon 1 Nov, AT 12:46

The glitch which causes iPhone alarms to go off an hour late strikes again

White iPhone

Apple postpones white iPhone 4 for third time

News Wed 27 Oct, AT 16:51

Albino version of the handset won’t be available until 2011, when it could be a white elephant


Nokia appoints Microsoft man as new CEO

News Fri 10 Sep, AT 12:09

Business Digest: Change comes as Nokia fails to make headway in the tough smartphone market