Iranian man spared from execution

Iranian killer spared by victim's family moments before execution

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Thu 17 Apr, AT 10:58

Execution stopped at the last minute by murder victim's mother, who slaps killer then forgives him

Ghader Ghalamere with his son

Refugee saved after plane passengers' seat belt protest

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Tue 15 Apr, AT 13:45

Temporary reprieve for Ghader Ghalamere after his family's last-minute departure lounge appeal

Amnesty report reveals global spike in executions

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Thu 27 Mar, AT 11:04

Iran and Iraq drove a worldwide increase, while Texas was responsible for 40 per cent of American executions

Lockerbie bombing

Lockerbie bombing: has the truth finally been revealed?

Tue 11 Mar, AT 11:28

Former Iranian intelligence officer claims Iran was behind the Pan Am Flight 103 disaster, not Libya

Hassan Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani: key moments in life of Iranian president

Tue 18 Feb, AT 14:59

From spice shop owner's son and cleric to ending the global row over Iran's nuclear programme

Iran's Rouhani goes on 'charm offensive', but Israel left out

First Reaction
Thu 23 Jan, AT 14:52

New president woos Davos delegates with call for 'constructive engagement' and economic partnerships

Syria: Iran invitation throws peace talks into 'disarray'

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Mon 20 Jan, AT 09:07

Syrian Opposition threatens to boycott talks after Ban Ki-Moon extends invitation to Tehran

Robert Levinson: mystery of the CIA spy captured by Iran

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Fri 13 Dec, AT 09:50

American who vanished in 2007 was part of 'rogue' CIA operation and agency paid $2.5m to cover its tracks

John Kerry

Iran slams Kerry for 'spin' as nuclear talks come to nothing

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Tue 12 Nov, AT 13:43

'It wasn't our fault' says Iranian foreign minister, putting blame for deal failure on French

Hassan Rouhani

Iran nuclear talks Q&A: West considers proposal

Thu 17 Oct, AT 11:13

World powers and Iran have had their "most substantive" and "detailed" nuclear talks ever