Hassan Rouhani

Iran nuclear talks Q&A: West considers proposal

Thu 17 Oct, AT 11:13

World powers and Iran have had their "most substantive" and "detailed" nuclear talks ever

Hassan Rouhani

Rouhani rules out nuclear bomb: a new era for Iran?

Talking Point
Thu 19 Sep, AT 09:38

New Iranian president sends strongest signal yet that he is seeking diplomatic thaw with the West

Hassan Rouhani

Iran: in from the cold? Rouhani 'will meet Obama'

One-Minute Read
Mon 16 Sep, AT 10:00

Moderate could become first Iranian president to meet US leader with 'corridor encounter'

Robert Fox

Iran shocks West by allowing Hassan Rouhani to win election

Mon 17 Jun, AT 07:51
Robert Fox

Shrewd, cultivated and cosmopolitan new president knows that misery of daily life in Iran is the key issue

Will Iranian election bring reforms? Five key questions

Fri 14 Jun, AT 14:15

More than 50m Iranians cast votes for new president, but will post-Ahmadinejad regime be any different?

Canada foils al-Qaeda-backed plan to derail passenger train

Tue 23 Apr, AT 10:31

Iran linked to plot to 'kill and hurt people' by derailing Toronto train

Who is Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, the lawyer taking Argo to court?

Wed 13 Mar, AT 15:32

Iran has hired a controversial French lawyer to sue Hollywood over the 'Iranophobia' in its movies

Does Iran have nuclear bomb 'Plan B' using plutonium?

One-Minute Read
Wed 27 Feb, AT 10:28

Daily Telegraph claims satellite images indicate that heavy water processing plant at Arak is operational

What is the Daily Telegraph doing promoting Gulbuddin Hekmatyar?

Wed 2 Jan, AT 15:06
Robert Fox

He says he supports girls' education – yet he had acid thrown at female students who dressed immodestly