Egyptian president annoys US, Iran and Syria at summit

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Thu 30 Aug, AT 15:11

Mohamed Morsi supports Syrian rebels, but his presence in Tehran is also likely to anger the US

George Galloway paid £80k for joining 'pro-Syria' TV channel

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Tue 28 Aug, AT 14:49

Bradford West MP presents fortnightly show for al-Mayadeen, allegedly funded by Syria and Iran

Israel 'prepared for 30-day war with Iran' - but will it attack?

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Thu 16 Aug, AT 14:57

As Israelis queue for gas masks, observers say Israeli is trying to put pressure on the US

Iran earthquake

Iranian public angry over official earthquake response

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Mon 13 Aug, AT 16:01

Iran's government was too slow to respond and did not tell truth about rescue efforts, say critics

Will Liverpool end sponsorship deal with Standard Chartered?

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Tue 7 Aug, AT 10:50

American owners and fans may not want to be associated with a 'rogue institution'

Banker-bashing Iran style: four fraudsters sentenced to death

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Tue 31 Jul, AT 15:05

Iran deals harshly with perpetrators of £1.7bn fraud after public outcry against cronyism


Republicans play on US fears of threats from abroad

Opinion digest
Mon 30 Jul, AT 10:15

Opinion Digest: the Romney tour, the Syrian conflict and why Ed Miliband should be wary of Hollande

Western forces gather as Israel looks set to attack Iran

Wed 4 Jul, AT 07:38
Robert Fox

As Iran tests ballistic missile, Israel has only a short window in which to strike Iran's nuclear centrifuges