30 Jul, 2012

Opinion Digest: the Romney tour, the Syrian conflict and why Ed Miliband should be wary of Hollande

04 Jul, 2012

As Iran tests ballistic missile, Israel has only a short window in which to strike Iran's nuclear centrifuges

07 Jun, 2012

Opinion digest: the eurozone crisis, the failure of economics and cyberwarfare

29 May, 2012

Data-stealing virus has been lurking undetected in Middle East computers for up to five years

23 May, 2012

Prime Minister set to ignore ruling by 'foreign court' that prisoners should be allowed to vote

Alexander Cockburn
04 Apr, 2012

One-time liberal now sports all his fellow Republicans' most unalluring features. The Obama camp is not unhappy

03 Apr, 2012

And unlike their parents, young (jobless) voters have no lingering loyalty to the Big Three parties

28 Mar, 2012

Opinion digest: US must tax oil to reduce demand and a field day for builders and lawyers

Asma al-Assad and Bashar al-Assad
15 Mar, 2012

Emails unearthed by The Guardian also suggest Assad took advice from Iran and laughed at Arab League