The Guilty Men who caused the euro crisis are making it worse

Opinion digest
Thu 7 Jun, AT 11:50

Opinion digest: the eurozone crisis, the failure of economics and cyberwarfare

Flame computer virus is more sophisticated than Stuxnet

One-Minute Read
Tue 29 May, AT 10:41

Data-stealing virus has been lurking undetected in Middle East computers for up to five years


Cameron declares war on ECHR as Lib Dems perform vanishing act

Wed 23 May, AT 14:07
The Mole

Prime Minister set to ignore ruling by 'foreign court' that prisoners should be allowed to vote

Alexander Cockburn

Romney beats off all challengers - at a terrible cost to his beliefs

Wed 4 Apr, AT 08:39
Alexander Cockburn

One-time liberal now sports all his fellow Republicans' most unalluring features. The Obama camp is not unhappy

George Galloway won because his politics are truly popular

Point of View
Tue 3 Apr, AT 12:57

And unlike their parents, young (jobless) voters have no lingering loyalty to the Big Three parties


A new era of oil shocks looms if we can’t kick the fossil fuel habit

Opinion digest
Wed 28 Mar, AT 15:57

Opinion digest: US must tax oil to reduce demand and a field day for builders and lawyers

Asma al-Assad and Bashar al-Assad

Assads shopped for luxuries and music while 8,000 Syrians died

Thu 15 Mar, AT 07:56

Emails unearthed by The Guardian also suggest Assad took advice from Iran and laughed at Arab League

Have Iran and the US talked about staging a coup in Syria?

First Post
Tue 6 Mar, AT 15:55

WikiLeaks document suggests Iran has approached US about the removal of President Assad

Chris Tappin

Extradited businessman Tappin to appear in US court today

First Post
Mon 27 Feb, AT 10:33

Chris Tappin's case is piling pressure on the government to revise UK extradition treaties

Strike on Iran more likely, but ‘criminally stupid’

Talking Point
Wed 22 Feb, AT 13:44

We may not like a nuclear Iran, but it’s a better option than a Middle East war