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Iranian nuclear scientist killed as drums of war beat louder

Wed 11 Jan, AT 09:59
Robert Fox

Today's assassination of a scientist in Tehran will only ratchet up the talk of war and provocation

The end of the world is nigh – or possibly not, actually

Tue 3 Jan, AT 08:32
Richard Ehrman

Largely unnoticed, the West's dependence on imported energy is finally starting to reduce

Attack on Iran missile base points to Mossad - or does it?

Mon 14 Nov, AT 13:02
Venetia Rainey

Israeli intelligence agency is never shy to take credit for such an attack

Russian hints that US might back Israeli attack on Iran

Tue 8 Nov, AT 07:48
Robert Fox

Scurry of diplomatic moves and rumours of war as nuclear watchdog prepares to issue Iran report

Israel, US and UK 'planning' attack on Iran nuclear facility

First Post
Thu 3 Nov, AT 08:57

A report on Iran's nuclear ambitions is due next week - and the UK is preparing for the worst