Isis militants in Syria
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24 Jun, 2015

International governments struggle to control the flow of volunteers to Iraq and Syria

Computer hacker
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22 Jun, 2015

New European team will track down the people behind Islamic State's social media campaigns

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18 May, 2015

Militants use armoured bulldozers and multiple suicide bombers to force Iraqi forces out of city

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21 Apr, 2015

Head of the terror group 'no longer in control of day-to-day operations' after being injured in air strike

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07 Apr, 2015

'Heartbreaking scenes' as the bodies of up to 1,700 Iraqi soldiers executed by Islamic State were discovered

The parents of Arab-Israeli Mohammed Musallam at the family's home in the East Jerusalem
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11 Mar, 2015

Family of victim Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam deny Islamic State claims that he was an Israeli spy

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06 Mar, 2015

Militants raided the historical city in their latest attack on the 'non-Islamic heritage' of the Middle East

Iraqi security forces head towards the al-Dawr area, south of Tikrit
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02 Mar, 2015

Use of Shi'ite militia to reclaim Saddam Hussein's Sunni hometown raises fears of a future backlash

The jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
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25 Feb, 2015

UN Security Council members should lose veto power on humanitarian issues, group says

Relatives of Coptic Christians murdered by Islamic State mourn their loved ones
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16 Feb, 2015

A sizeable minority in Egypt and Libya, Coptic Christians attach great importance to prayer and fasting