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Iraq inquiry

Chairman of the Iraq Inquiry John Chilcot,

Chilcot Inquiry: British public 'betrayed' by further delay

First Reaction
Wed 21 Jan, AT 09:13

Outcry from MPs as publication of the Iraq war inquiry is delayed until after the general election

UK troops in Iraq, 2003

UK soldiers mistreated Iraqi detainees, says inquiry

Wed 17 Dec, AT 14:46

Blindfolds and threats were used, says Al-Sweady inquiry, but allegations of murder and torture were 'deliberate lies'

Crispin Black

Iraq fiasco: how have top brass escaped dismissal or discipline?

Thu 20 Dec, AT 09:24
Crispin Black

Military leaders are like BBC execs – near-impossible to sack and without the self-knowledge to step down

Tony Blair

Blair to stand trial for Iraq war? Don’t get too excited

Mon 1 Aug, AT 08:46
Crispin Black

With Libya turning sour, Cameron is unlikely to agree to a trial over a misbegotten war

Alastair Campbell at the Chilcot inquiry into Iraq

Iraq dossier WAS sexed up, says intelligence chief

Fri 13 May, AT 08:31
Crispin Black

Crispin Black: Who’s telling the truth - the Army general or Blair’s spin doctor, Alastair Campbell?

Tony Blair

They used to behead men like Tony Blair

Fri 21 Jan, AT 07:49
Crispin Black

As former PM goes back before the Iraq Inquiry, Crispin Black shares his thoughts on retribution

Tony Blair

Blair and Goldsmith: odd way to treat a lawyer

Tue 14 Dec, AT 07:39
Robert Fox

Did Tony Blair simply ignore the attorney general’s legal advice on invading Iraq when it didn’t suit him?