UK troops in Iraq, 2003

UK soldiers mistreated Iraqi detainees, says inquiry

Briefing Wed 17 Dec, AT 14:46

Blindfolds and threats were used, says Al-Sweady inquiry, but allegations of murder and torture were 'deliberate lies'

Crispin Black

Iraq fiasco: how have top brass escaped dismissal or discipline?

Thu 20 Dec, AT 09:24 Crispin Black

Military leaders are like BBC execs – near-impossible to sack and without the self-knowledge to step down

Tony Blair

Blair to stand trial for Iraq war? Don’t get too excited

Mon 1 Aug, AT 08:46 Crispin Black

With Libya turning sour, Cameron is unlikely to agree to a trial over a misbegotten war

Alastair Campbell at the Chilcot inquiry into Iraq

Iraq dossier WAS sexed up, says intelligence chief

Fri 13 May, AT 08:31 Crispin Black

Crispin Black: Who’s telling the truth - the Army general or Blair’s spin doctor, Alastair Campbell?

Tony Blair

They used to behead men like Tony Blair

Fri 21 Jan, AT 07:49 Crispin Black

As former PM goes back before the Iraq Inquiry, Crispin Black shares his thoughts on retribution

Tony Blair

Blair and Goldsmith: odd way to treat a lawyer

Tue 14 Dec, AT 07:39 Robert Fox

Did Tony Blair simply ignore the attorney general’s legal advice on invading Iraq when it didn’t suit him?