Iraq War

21 Apr, 2015

The investigation into Britain's military involvement in Iraq is 'unlikely' to be published before 2016

Chairman of the Iraq Inquiry John Chilcot,
21 Jan, 2015

Outcry from MPs as publication of the Iraq war inquiry is delayed until after the general election

UK troops in Iraq, 2003
17 Dec, 2014

Blindfolds and threats were used, says Al-Sweady inquiry, but allegations of murder and torture were 'deliberate lies'

Tony Blair
22 Sep, 2014

Former PM joins calls for UK to consider deploying the army to fight Islamic State

Robert Fox
22 Sep, 2014

Chilcot Inquiry into Britain’s role in Iraq War is to publish its report. Can PM make it work for him?

George W. Bush and Tony Blair in 2006
30 May, 2014

Inquiry into Britain's role in Iraq War is condemned as a 'whitewash' as private messages suppressed

Ed Miliband
28 Aug, 2013

Tentative Labour leader wants a 'UN moment' before any military move but is highly unlikely to get it

George Bush; Tony Blair
19 Jul, 2013

But the potentially explosive letters between Blair and Bush look set to stay private, despite Cameron's wishes

George Bush; Tony Blair
19 Mar, 2013

How did we fall for it? Why were the sceptics ignored? And is it about to happen all over again in Syria?