Jonny Wilkinson England rugby

England could go all the way in Rugby World Cup

News Thu 8 Sep, AT 10:27

Rugby World Cup preview: With the All Blacks no longer feared as they once were, England have a chance

Ireland bank crisis

EU slams rating agencies as Ireland graded ‘junk’

News Wed 13 Jul, AT 13:40

Business digest: ‘Stiff measures’ proposed to limit credit rating agencies’ power over failing countries

Queen Dublin visit

Irish diehards show their anger as history moves on

Tue 17 May, AT 08:56 Crispin Black

on Monday’s bomb threat to London and today’s massive operation to protect the Queen

Bank of Ireland

Irish banks’ ratings reduced to junk status

News Mon 18 Apr, AT 17:10

Business digest: Eurozone under pressure again as Ireland suffers double credit downgrade

European Central Bank ECB

Euro could collapse, says government watchdog

News Tue 7 Dec, AT 11:07

Business digest: Comments come as EU members disagree over extending bail-out funds