Ireland bank crisis

Euro and shares rise as Ireland accepts bailout

Mon 22 Nov, AT 10:58

Business digest: Investors give thumbs-up to estimated €90bn rescue package

Ireland bank crisis

Game over as Ireland’s top banker expects EU bail-out

Thu 18 Nov, AT 15:37

Business digest: Ireland’s central bank governor expects loan to be worth ‘tens of billions’

Ireland bank crisis

100,000 expected to flee Ireland economic crisis

Thu 18 Nov, AT 10:54

Business digest: Short-term debt crisis could turn into long-term brain drain crisis

Ireland bank crisis

Irish crisis: why the Celtic Tiger won’t roll over

Wed 17 Nov, AT 16:37

Briefing: Ireland is holding out against a bailout – but for how long?

Bank of Ireland

EU calms fears of Greece- style bailout for Ireland

Tue 9 Nov, AT 09:13

Business Digest: Investors jittery over Dublin’s planned draconian budget cuts

anglo irish bank

Irish budget deficit soars after new bank bail-out

Fri 1 Oct, AT 11:31

Business digest: Taxpayers to bear the brunt of banking crisis


Leprechaun shot dead after St Patrick’s Day bank heist

Thu 18 Mar, AT 13:45

Irish folk tale disguise was not enough to save perpetrator of a shambolic Tennessee robbery

Brian O'Driscoll Ireland France rugby

Ireland seek revenge for Henry’s handball goal

Fri 12 Feb, AT 07:06

Six Nations preview: Ireland go to Paris still hoping for back-to-back Grand Slams


Crisis deepens as traders bet against the euro

Tue 9 Feb, AT 06:56

Markets want to know what Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain plan to do about their deficits