European Central Bank ECB

Euro could collapse, says government watchdog

News Tue 7 Dec, AT 11:07

Business digest: Comments come as EU members disagree over extending bail-out funds


It’s time Bono came to the aid of his own country

News Fri 3 Dec, AT 07:25

Johnny Dee: Ireland needs its rich to pay their taxes. That means U2, Bono...

Irish debt crisis

Ireland ponders the true cost of the bailout

News Wed 24 Nov, AT 11:49

Business digest: IMF demands cuts to dole and minimum wage

Ireland bank crisis

Euro and shares rise as Ireland accepts bailout

News Mon 22 Nov, AT 10:58

Business digest: Investors give thumbs-up to estimated €90bn rescue package

Ireland bank crisis

Game over as Ireland’s top banker expects EU bail-out

News Thu 18 Nov, AT 15:37

Business digest: Ireland’s central bank governor expects loan to be worth ‘tens of billions’

Ireland bank crisis

100,000 expected to flee Ireland economic crisis

News Thu 18 Nov, AT 10:54

Business digest: Short-term debt crisis could turn into long-term brain drain crisis