Stephen Gately

Jan Moir is disowned by the Irish Daily Mail

Tue 20 Oct, AT 17:21

Irish edition of newspaper printed disclaimer against her Stephen Gately attack

Stephen Gately

Mail columnist throws a shadow over Gately funeral

Mon 19 Oct, AT 18:24

21,000 complaints received by PCC after Stephen Fry leads internet assault on ‘repulsive nobody’ Jan Moir

Aer Lingus sees losses grow

Thu 27 Aug, AT 10:58

The Irish airline has announced a net loss of €73.9m for the first half, compared to €21.6m the year before

Child abuse in Ireland

Ireland needs courage to change cycle of abuse

Tue 26 May, AT 16:43
Coline Covington

The child abuse inquiry has shown the Catholic Church must face up to its long history of paedophiliia

Ireland’s island wilderness

Wed 25 Feb, AT 14:52

The wild west of Europe