Isabel Oakeshott

The Mole
17 Oct, 2014

PM’s biographer pours scorn on his proposal to put emergency brake on EU immigrants in bid to halt Ukip

09 Jul, 2013

And if Ed's reform of union links doesn't tackle how party leader is elected then it will look like a sham

12 Mar, 2013

Former journalist has forgotten the difference between a media campaign and a newspaper investigation

11 Mar, 2013

And why revenge is a dish best eaten in Covent Garden, writes Nigel Horne

08 Mar, 2013

What the commentators are saying now that Vicky Pryce and her ex-husband Chris Huhne both face jail terms

08 Mar, 2013

After Vince Cable runs from reporters in Victoria Street, watch him fly down the Brighton promenade

07 Mar, 2013

Spotlight turns to Lib Dem leadership as emails suggest Clegg and Cable 'knew about scandal'

05 Feb, 2013

Disgraced politician's ex-wife 'went to newspapers with the speeding ticket story after they split up'