Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas

Middle East peace talks falter as Israel halts prisoner release

One-Minute Read Fri 4 Apr, AT 11:38

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators blame each other as agreements are broken on both sides

Ultra-orthodox Jewish protestors

Israeli ultra-orthodox protest against army draft

One-Minute Read Mon 3 Mar, AT 14:37

Israeli government plans to enlist 5,200 ultra-orthodox Jews – previously exempt from the draft – by mid-2017

Scarlett Johansson SodaStream row: what's going on?

Briefing Thu 30 Jan, AT 12:55

Actress quits as ambassador for Oxfam amid row over her support for Israeli drinks maker

Iran's Rouhani goes on 'charm offensive', but Israel left out

First Reaction Thu 23 Jan, AT 14:52

New president woos Davos delegates with call for 'constructive engagement' and economic partnerships

Ariel Sharon: Israeli 'giant' is laid to rest amidst tight security

First Reaction Mon 13 Jan, AT 11:28

Divisive former PM praised as 'exceptional soldier' who always made Israel's safety his priority

Ariel Sharon: whatever his faults he was a great soldier

Tue 7 Jan, AT 15:19 Crispin Black

The feat Sharon pulled off in the Yom Kippur War made him a heroic general and saviour of Israel

Israeli troops shoot Lebanese soldiers in 'retaliation' gunfire

One-Minute Read Mon 16 Dec, AT 12:09

Shootings raise possibility of renewed fighting in area that has been mostly quiet since 2006 war

Israeli Jet

Israeli jets attack Russian missiles inside Syria

One-Minute Read Fri 1 Nov, AT 09:41

Assault on SA-125 rockets in Latakia comes at bad time as Russia and US try to end bloody civil war

Israel was not on the brink of nuclear strike in 1973 –video

One-Minute Read Fri 4 Oct, AT 13:30

Israel's prime minister rejected nuclear option in first days of Yom Kippur War, eyewitness reveals