Former British prime minister Tony Blair

Tony Blair quits as Middle East peace envoy after few wins

First Reaction
Thu 28 May, AT 12:45

Middle East correspondents wonder why 'war criminal' became a peace envoy in the first place

Hamas accused of 'spine-chilling' abuses during Gaza war

One-Minute Read
Wed 27 May, AT 10:19

Amnesty International claims Hamas used conflict with Israel to execute and torture its enemies

Middle East peace process: are two states the only option?

Fri 10 Apr, AT 11:57

As the chances of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fade, few alternatives remain

Naftali Bennett and Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu forms a coalition government with the religious right

One-Minute Read
Thu 7 May, AT 10:29

Israel finally has a new government, but critics have branded Netanyahu 'a general without soldiers'

The parents of Arab-Israeli Mohammed Musallam at the family's home in the East Jerusalem

Islamic State video shows boy shooting 'spy' in forehead

One-Minute Read
Wed 11 Mar, AT 08:48

Family of victim Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam deny Islamic State claims that he was an Israeli spy

Why humans sniff their hands after a handshake – video

One-Minute Read
Thu 5 Mar, AT 12:18

Humans can communicate information via smell like cats and dogs, say scientists studying chemosignals

Winston Churchill: greatest British hero or a warmongering villain?

Fri 23 Jan, AT 15:44

Historians continue to debate whether Winston Churchill, one of history's most complex figures, deserves a place in Britain's pantheon

The scene of the attack

Tel Aviv knife attack: three critical after bus stabbing

One-Minute Read
Wed 21 Jan, AT 12:33

Palestinian suspect was shot and wounded after allegedly carrying out knife attack

Banksy goes undercover in Gaza – video

Thu 26 Feb, AT 14:11

'On the internet, people only look at pictures of kittens', says Banksy as he highlights plight of Palestinians

Hit and run attack: what is happening in Jerusalem?

Thu 6 Nov, AT 10:19

Hamas claims responsibility for the killing of an Israeli policeman amid fears of a third intifada