Jackson Pollock

Picasso and the world's most expensive artworks

Deja Vu
Tue 12 May, AT 11:42

Women of Algiers tops auction sales, as booming market boosts list of world's priciest art

A mother and child view magazine covers drawn by Norman Rockwell

Is it arrogant to take 'moronic' children to an art gallery?

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Mon 4 Aug, AT 13:47

Showing a Pollock painting to a child is just a waste of time, claims artist Jake Chapman

Investing in art: do the New York sales prove anything?

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Fri 17 May, AT 16:17

Prices have hit the stratosphere again. But is fine art really a viable investment class?

Jackson Pollock leads way to record $495m art auction haul

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Thu 16 May, AT 14:04

Records tumbled overnight as a string of big sales in New York usher in 'new era' for art market

Francis Bacon and Rothko lead way as auction records tumble

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Thu 15 Nov, AT 12:02

Sotheby's New York takes record $375m in a day as 'Teflon-coated' art market proves its resilience again

Lucy McKenzie, May of Teck

Pollock, Hockney, Klein, make A Bigger Splash at the Tate

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Wed 14 Nov, AT 08:45

Tate Modern's new performance and painting show has everything from paint orgies to pigs' guts

Tributes for Robert Hughes, the 'world's most famous art critic'

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Tue 7 Aug, AT 11:04

Shock of the New brought Hughes a mass audience, but he felt like piano player in a whorehouse