Jackson Pollock

12 May, 2015

Women of Algiers tops auction sales, as booming market boosts list of world's priciest art

A mother and child view magazine covers drawn by Norman Rockwell
04 Aug, 2014

Showing a Pollock painting to a child is just a waste of time, claims artist Jake Chapman

17 May, 2013

Prices have hit the stratosphere again. But is fine art really a viable investment class?

16 May, 2013

Records tumbled overnight as a string of big sales in New York usher in 'new era' for art market

15 Nov, 2012

Sotheby's New York takes record $375m in a day as 'Teflon-coated' art market proves its resilience again

Lucy McKenzie, May of Teck
14 Nov, 2012

Tate Modern's new performance and painting show has everything from paint orgies to pigs' guts

07 Aug, 2012

Shock of the New brought Hughes a mass audience, but he felt like piano player in a whorehouse