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19 Sep, 2011

Cable and McCluskey welcome announcement of Wolverhampton plant

One-Minute Read
02 Sep, 2011

Business digest: CPP Global Holdings plans to acquire former Jaguar manufacturing site

Jaguar Land Rover
One-Minute Read
02 Mar, 2011

Business digest: Motor manufacturer announces new investment at Geneva Motor Show

One-Minute Read
15 Mar, 2010

Motoring review: marrying speed, style and a whole lot of comfort - the XJ is ready to take on the luxury elite

One-Minute Read
12 Aug, 2009

The owner of the luxury car group, Indian giant Tata, has gained the funding it needs for the luxury car group’s survival

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20 Jul, 2009

This Jaguar may be lower-powered than the Diesel S but it still offers significant grunt

One-Minute Read
30 Apr, 2009

The flagship car is super-charged and super-fast