James Franco

19 Jun, 2015

From The Wolf of Wall Street and The Interview to Ryan Gosling's Oscar-nominated role in Half Nelson

Poster of the Interview
24 Dec, 2014

The Interview will show in 200 cinemas tomorrow despite hackers threatening a 9/11-type attack

Andy Serkis as Caesar in Dawn of the  Planet of the Apes
18 Jul, 2014

Critics praise gripping, spectacular and 'impressively un-stupid' Apes franchise follow-up

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
26 Jun, 2014

Hollywood film about killing Kim Jong-un is an 'act of war', says North Korea

26 Nov, 2013

Seth Rogan and James Franco’s video gets the thumbs-up from Kim Kardashian – but silence from Kanye West

28 Jun, 2013

Rogen's disaster comedy starring James Franco is silly but 'a hell of a lot of fun'

Vanessa Hudgens Spring Breakers
05 Apr, 2013

Twisted college caper film starring tabloid darlings is 'a grenade lobbed at the mainstream'

15 Nov, 2012

Full-length trailer to 3D Oz film starring James Franco and Mila Kunis released: will it be 2013's first blockbuster?

12 Aug, 2011

Film of the week: Apes really do triumph over humans in a film where acting comes second to special effects