James McAvoy

Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past – reviews of latest Marvel film

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Fri 23 May, AT 07:15

X-Men revisit their past in a 'fantastic', bewildering chapter that refreshes the series, say critics

James McAvoy 'mesmerises' in Irvine Welsh cop shocker, Filth

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Fri 4 Oct, AT 08:29

McAvoy takes a walk on the wild side in this gleefully lurid tale of a corrupt cop from Trainspotting author

Helen Mirren, Rupert Everett nominated for Olivier awards

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Tue 26 Mar, AT 16:22

Mirren's turn as the Queen makes her favourite for best actress, as Curious Dog scores eight noms

Psycho-flop: has Danny Boyle lost his golden touch?

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Thu 21 Mar, AT 15:35

'Smoking hot' Rosario Dawson can't stop art heist becoming tangled in its own twists and turns

McAvoy's 'Mad Max' Macbeth is 'noisy, urgent and populist'

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Wed 27 Feb, AT 07:42

X-Men star McAvoy unlocks the riches of the Scottish play for newcomers to Shakespeare

What a marvel: return to form for X-Men prequel

Wed 8 Jun, AT 13:27
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