Jamie Foxx

Django unplugged: how to get round the Chinese film censors

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Thu 11 Apr, AT 15:31

After the first showing of Tarantino's epic was abandoned, a guide to what the authorities don't like

Django Unchained a 'thrilling' return to form for Tarantino

Hot Ticket
Fri 18 Jan, AT 08:33

Brilliant, brutal Spaghetti Western homage, with a terrific comedy double-act in Waltz and Foxx

Tarantino back on bloody fine form with Django Unchained

First Reaction
Thu 13 Dec, AT 10:39

'Unwholesome, deplorable – delicious!' Pulp Fiction director makes brilliant comeback with slave movie

Downey Jnr Foxx the Soloist

‘The Soloist’ - moving, without being mawkish

Thu 24 Sep, AT 14:29

FILM OF THE WEEK: Joe Wright's true story of a down-and-out classical cellist fighting schizophrenia has impressed the critics