Sajida al Rishawi: why her enemies want her freed

Thu 29 Jan, AT 16:45

Islamic State is seeking the release of Sajida al Rishawi, a failed suicide bomber sent by rival group al-Qaeda

Kenji Goto

Japan condemns 'despicable' Islamic State hostage threat

One-Minute Read
Wed 28 Jan, AT 09:00

Japanese hostage Kenji Goto says he will be killed unless Jordan releases a failed suicide bomber

Bride in Japan

Japanese agency offers 'solo weddings' for single women

One-Minute Read
Tue 23 Dec, AT 12:27

Single 'brides' can buy a dress and even pose with a 'decorative man' between the ages of 20 and 70

A humpback whale

What will Japan learn by resuming 'research' whaling?

One-Minute Read
Wed 9 Jul, AT 13:03

Japan announces it will resume 'scientific whaling' in 2015, despite ban by the ICJ

England trainer Gary Lewin is stretchered off the field

England physio Lewin flies home; Croatia nude pics row

Mon 16 Jun, AT 11:30

World Cup whispers: injured physio out of the tournament, Japan fans clean up stadium

Sir Paul McCartney performing onstage

Paul McCartney cancels whole tour of Japan due to illness

One-Minute Read
Tue 20 May, AT 10:02

Beatles star 'disappointed' to let down fans but doctors have ordered him to have 'complete rest'

Valentine's Day: from Pagan spanking to romantic ornithology

Fri 14 Feb, AT 10:15

The Valentine's Day holiday of love so is much more than petrol station flowers and silent meals for two

Five dead after hydrogen blast rocks chemical plant in Japan

One-Minute Read
Thu 9 Jan, AT 09:55

Explosion at Mitsubishi Materials complex reportedly caused by maintenance crew working on heat exchanger

The world's 7 strangest festive traditions

Thu 18 Dec, AT 16:01

From defecating logs to KFC-fuelled feasts, Christmas provides a host of odd traditions