Bullet train
30 Jun, 2015

Man doused himself in oil and then set himself on fire in the first carriage of the Japanese bullet train

26 Jun, 2015

Japanese zoo sees spike in number of female visitors coming to see Shabani the 'buff' silverback gorilla

26 May, 2015

The Japanese government launches a seafood ambassador as consumption of fish slumps

29 Jan, 2015

Islamic State is seeking the release of Sajida al Rishawi, a failed suicide bomber sent by rival group al-Qaeda

Kenji Goto
28 Jan, 2015

Japanese hostage Kenji Goto says he will be killed unless Jordan releases a failed suicide bomber

Bride in Japan
23 Dec, 2014

Single 'brides' can buy a dress and even pose with a 'decorative man' between the ages of 20 and 70

A humpback whale
09 Jul, 2014

Japan announces it will resume 'scientific whaling' in 2015, despite ban by the ICJ

England trainer Gary Lewin is stretchered off the field
16 Jun, 2014

World Cup whispers: injured physio out of the tournament, Japan fans clean up stadium

Sir Paul McCartney performing onstage
20 May, 2014

Beatles star 'disappointed' to let down fans but doctors have ordered him to have 'complete rest'