Cat tail for humans wags if you're happy - video

Thu 3 Jan, AT 12:14

A fluffy tail that monitors your heart rate offers a new way to express feelings, says inventor

World condemns North Korea after successful missile test

First Reaction
Wed 12 Dec, AT 08:45

Long-range missile puts satellite into orbit, but tests could be part of nuclear programme

Hitachi makes £20bn nuke investment

One-Minute Read
Wed 31 Oct, AT 12:21

Japanese engineering giant's investment in the British nuclear sector will create up to 14,000 new jobs

Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to John Gurdon for ‘pluripotent cells'

One-Minute Read
Mon 8 Oct, AT 13:33

Sir John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka share prize for work in reprogramming stem cells

Bagan, Burma, Myanmar

Burma gives Japan a place on edge of its commercial capital

Business Digest
Wed 3 Oct, AT 09:00

Japan offers Burma $18bn in aid, investment and debt forgiveness for special economic zone

Psy 'suffers blood clots' from too much Gangnam Style dancing

The Tabloids
Wed 3 Oct, AT 12:34

Tabloid tales: Psy's horse dancing proves too much, Japan opens cuddle café, and Minaj threatens Carey

Japan ‘to suspend whaling’ but is hunt over for good?

One-Minute Read
Wed 26 Sep, AT 12:23

Japanese fisheries agency says factory ship needs repairs and whaling fleet might therefore not set sail

Japan whaling

Sea Shepherd leader, wanted by Interpol, prepares for 'whale wars'

One-Minute Read
Fri 21 Sep, AT 14:38

Paul Watson plans to stop Japanese whaling 'completely', but arrest warrant means he might not be able to reach his own fleet


WHO: 'untreatable' new gonorrhea 'superbug' is in Britain

One-Minute Read
Fri 8 Jun, AT 14:00

Disease is now a global health threat with reported cases in Europe, Japan and Australia