Yen, Japan

Japan’s Foreign Minister ready to devalue the yen

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Mon 24 Oct, AT 12:17

Amid fears of export decline, Japan may weaken its own currency again

Typhoon Roke Japan

Japan on alert as Typhoon Roke heads for Fukushima

Wed 21 Sep, AT 17:02

Briefing: Another natural disaster in Japan highlights the vulnerability of its Fukushima nuclear reactor

japan tsunami destruction debris

Japanese gov’t unfazed by Moody’s downgrade

Wed 24 Aug, AT 10:35

Business Digest: Credit ratings agency cites high reconstruction costs and poor political leadership

Yen, Japan

Japan drives down yen to protect economy

Thu 4 Aug, AT 12:43

Business Digest: Japan sells more than a trillion yen; move follows Switzerland

Tatsuya Ichihashi Lindsay Hawker

Lindsay Hawker killer goes on trial in Japan

Mon 4 Jul, AT 16:40

Tatsuya Ichihashi spent two-and-a-half years on the run after gruesome ‘body in the bath’ discovery