japan tsunami destruction debris

Japan emerges from deflation after 2 years

Fri 27 May, AT 15:05

Business digest: shortages after natural disasters lead to price rises

japan tsunami destruction debris

Tsunami pushes Japan into recession

Thu 19 May, AT 16:50

Business digest: drop in consumption and exports blamed for contraction in economy

Yen, Japan

Japan enters recession as it struggles to recover

Fri 29 Apr, AT 11:09

Business digest: Japan’s economy severely affected by March earthquake and tsunami

People climb hill to flee tsunami in new video

Mon 18 Apr, AT 17:40
Venetia Rainey

Latest footage of Japanese tsunami shows entire town washed away as people run up slope (with video)

Japan energy crisis may force Sony to halt work

Thu 14 Apr, AT 11:35

Business digest: Electronics giant considers summer shut down to cut energy consumption

Toyota Prius

Toyota faces Moody’s credit rating downgrade

Wed 6 Apr, AT 10:23

Business digest: Japan tsunami will continue to affect car company for ‘many months’

Fukushima reactor 2

Expert fears full nuclear meltdown at Fukushima

Wed 30 Mar, AT 13:02

Briefing: Evidence is mounting that nuclear fuel has melted through a reactor vessel

George Monbiot

Monbiot joins Lovelock in the nuclear power camp

Tue 22 Mar, AT 12:30

George Monbiot says risk of meltdown is small compared to damaging effects of ‘deep green energy’