nuclear power

Arab unrest, nuclear fears may cause energy crisis

News Thu 17 Mar, AT 09:49

Business digest: Uncertainty over nuclear power will increase global pressure on fossil fuels

radiation test japan fukushima

Another Fukushima? In America? Not if, but when

Thu 17 Mar, AT 07:24 Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn on the shameful trade-off that keeps nuclear power on the agenda

Nick Clegg David Cameron

Nuclear crisis could trigger UK coalition meltdown

Wed 16 Mar, AT 09:39 The Mole

The Mole: The official coalition line is pro-nuclear but that’s not how most Lib Dems feel

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

What they’re saying about future of nuclear power

News Wed 16 Mar, AT 09:01

One fallout from Japan’sFukushima crisis is a newdebate about the safety ofnuclear power

fukushima daiichi satellite image

Fukushima: has meltdown already happened?

News Tue 15 Mar, AT 13:45

Nuclear expert suspects Japanese government may be playing down the scale of disaster