Yen, Japan
09 Feb, 2011

Business digest: Agency keeps Japan’s credit rating stable for now, but there could be problems in the future

03 Feb, 2011

‘More violent eruptions could take place’, say scientists (with video)

05 Jan, 2011

Video: Frontrunner Natsuki Terada loses lead metres away from finishing line

currency notes
11 Oct, 2010

Business Digest: Japan may intervene to weaken the yen further as China opts for ‘gradual’ currency rebalance

28 Sep, 2010

Business Digest: Ageing population and financial struggles are to blame, says analyst

China building
16 Aug, 2010

Business Digest: China will relieve the US of its top spot by 2027

Anti-whaling activist Peter Bethune
07 Jul, 2010

Japanese court gives Sea Shepherd protestor a suspended sentence