Jay-Z and Beyonce
In Depth
31 Mar, 2015

#Tidalforall or #Tidalfornoone? Beyonce, Madonna and Rihanna among stars to support new platform

Charles Laurence
14 May, 2014

At least Jay Z did not fight back – that should go down well with his friends in the White House

26 Mar, 2014

Social media deluged with jokes about the 'conscious uncoupling', but some publications express compassion

Beyonce performing at The Grammy Awards
News Hub
27 Jan, 2014

Daft Punk get lucky, while Beyonce and Jay Z open show with raunchy performance of Drunk in Love

13 Dec, 2013

Do the pop star's saucy lyrics and videos put Miss Carter's sterling role model reputation at risk?

One-Minute Read
24 Apr, 2013

Pro shooters banned from Mrs Carter tour after singer upset by 'grimacing' pics from Super Bowl

One-Minute Read
11 Mar, 2013

Two of the world's biggest female stars agree to sing at 'celebrity-packed' celebration of First Lady's 50th

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19 Feb, 2013

Pop's biggest names in a tussle to own the estate that was once home to Bubbles the chimp

One-Minute Read
09 Jan, 2013

'Kimye' prepare for their 'babye' by purchasing mansion in a gated community in Bel-Air