Jenna-Louise Coleman

05 Aug, 2013

The Thick of It star is the oldest actor to pilot the Tardis for decades - a 'canny choice' from the BBC

08 Apr, 2013

Rings of Akhaten 'worst ever' episode say fans, while original director says show has become too 'sexual'

12 Feb, 2013

3D television gives the Time Lord a 'whole new dimension to explore' says Steven Moffat

10 Dec, 2012

The Doctor’s latest feisty sidekick finds him 'amazing and ridiculous in equal measures'

01 Oct, 2012

Spoiler alert: Rory ‘didn't get any sort of send-off’, say critics, but it is Karen Gillan who is the real star

16 Aug, 2012

Tabloids Tales: Writer gives Matt Smith his orders; model 'slipped out of my mouth' says strongman

01 Jun, 2012


Red top tales: Kylie and Pippa in battle of the bums, is Clara the name of Doctor Who's new companion?

Jenna-Louise Coleman
21 Mar, 2012

Former Emmerdale actress replaces Karen Gillan as Matt Smith's sidekick for new series