Jennifer Aniston

Princess Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, possibly

Guilty read
Tue 18 Dec, AT 13:18

Fresh from the tabloids: the 'evidence' is piling up that the former Mrs Brad Pitt is with child

Grumpy Robert Pattinson hates being called R-Patz

The Tabloids
Thu 25 Oct, AT 12:43

Tabloid tales: Pattinson knocks nickname; Jennifer Aniston is 'turned on by' Fifty Shades of Grey

Hollywood midgets threaten to protest against Snow White

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Wed 6 Jun, AT 12:34

Red top tales: Midget actors outraged at film's choice of 'dwarves', Britney Spears 'has ADHD'

Russia trains space lizards to 'boldly gecko' into orbit

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Fri 16 Mar, AT 10:06

Red top tales: reptiles to be blasted into space, stable lad wins £1m

Horrible Bosses: horrible jokes, horribly good fun

Fri 22 Jul, AT 11:19

Film of the week: It may be crude, but latest summer blockbuster is funny and even relevant

Jennifer Aniston in The Switch

Nudity, drugs and sex - can this be Jennifer Aniston?

Fri 27 Aug, AT 09:01

After another box office flop with The Switch, former Friends star ‘agrees to go topless’

Jennifer Aniston in The Switch

Knives out for Jennifer Aniston as ‘Switch’ flops

Tue 24 Aug, AT 10:54

Former ‘Friends’ actress Jennifer Aniston still can’t seem to make a hit movie

Brangelina win damages against News of the World

Thu 22 Jul, AT 15:03

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt accept undisclosed sum after tabloid wrongly claimed actors were separating

Jennifer Aniston on the cover of Architectural Digest

Pitt ‘calls Aniston pathetic for architecture mag cover’

Fri 30 Apr, AT 13:54

She made fun of his passion for architecture, so why did she pose for Architectural Digest?