Jennifer Lawrence

American journalist James Foley

2014: It was a bad year for…

Sat 27 Dec, AT 08:30

From journalists to breastfeeding mums - the groups that have experienced a year of loss and disappointment

Jennifer Lawrence

Nude selfie celebs 'dumb', says new EU digital chief

One-Minute Read
Thu 2 Oct, AT 09:04

Günther Oettinger refuses to apologise for saying people can't always be protected from their own stupidity

Jennifer Lawrence

Celeb photo leak: is sexting ever safe?

Fri 5 Sep, AT 13:43

Fears about online security have led to new interest in apps claiming to offer a safe way of sharing pics

Jennifer Lawrence

Nude celebrity photo leak investigated by FBI and Apple

Talking Point
Tue 2 Sep, AT 11:06

Hacker claims responsibility for coordinating team which stole nude photos of 101 celebrities

Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past – reviews of latest Marvel film

Hot Ticket
Fri 23 May, AT 07:15

X-Men revisit their past in a 'fantastic', bewildering chapter that refreshes the series, say critics

Oscars 2014: who will win the big awards on Sunday night?

Thu 27 Feb, AT 14:42

Best picture is a three way-battle, while Matthew McConaughey looks set to win his first award

Baftas 2014: night of surprises leaves Oscars race wide open

Mon 17 Feb, AT 10:45

12 Years a Slave ignored in all but two biggest awards, as critics surprised by best supporting acts

David O Russell's crime caper American Hustle - reviews

Hot Ticket
Fri 20 Dec, AT 07:40

Christian Bale, Amy Adams lead great cast in irresistibly watchable black comedy about a 70s FBI sting

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen

Thrilling sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire - reviews

Hot Ticket
Fri 22 Nov, AT 07:33

Jennifer Lawrence is flawless in the second, grittier round of the teen fantasy blockbuster