13,000 'needless' NHS hospital deaths exposed in killer report

Briefing Mon 15 Jul, AT 14:56

Keogh Report will show that Stafford scandal was not a one-off; Jeremy Hunt to take emergency action

Decision to shelve plain cigarette packs sparks row

First Reaction Fri 12 Jul, AT 12:09

Government accused of putting tobacco industry profits ahead of public health

Operation success rates: how data lets you pick a surgeon

Briefing Fri 28 Jun, AT 09:57

Patients going under the knife will be able to check surgeon's 'mortality rate' at the click of a mouse

CQC 'cover-up' bosses may be stripped of pensions, says Hunt

First Reaction Fri 21 Jun, AT 11:07

Health Secretary says alleged watchdog cover-up is 'shocking' and he'll back sanctions 'to the hilt'

League-table opt-out could hide bad doctors from patients' view

One-Minute Read Thu 13 Jun, AT 09:39

Data protection laws could allow incompetent surgeons to avoid being ranked for performance

David Nicholson: £2m pension pot is 'reward for failure'

First Reaction Wed 22 May, AT 11:16

Embattled NHS boss finally says he will go, but not until next year and with a £1,875,000 pension

Nursing a grudge? Hunt hits back at union over training plans

One-Minute Read Mon 22 Apr, AT 14:21

Health Secretary warns Royal College of Nursing to be 'very careful' after they call his reforms 'stupid'

Jeremy Hunt blames 'shocking' NHS failings for early deaths

First Post Tue 5 Mar, AT 12:33

Health Secretary says 30,000 die each year because British health care fails to match best in Europe

Inheritance tax: have Tories betrayed their base?

Talking Point Mon 11 Feb, AT 15:20

'Gross injustice': Tories appear to renege on manifesto pledge to raise inheritance tax threshold to £1m

Social care reform: £75,000 cap is still too high, say critics

Summary Mon 11 Feb, AT 10:45

Health Secretary set to announce cap on care costs but some say plans are 'as credible as Findus lasagne'