Jeremy Hunt

21 Jun, 2013

Health Secretary says alleged watchdog cover-up is 'shocking' and he'll back sanctions 'to the hilt'

13 Jun, 2013

Data protection laws could allow incompetent surgeons to avoid being ranked for performance

22 May, 2013

Embattled NHS boss finally says he will go, but not until next year and with a £1,875,000 pension

22 Apr, 2013

Health Secretary warns Royal College of Nursing to be 'very careful' after they call his reforms 'stupid'

05 Mar, 2013

Health Secretary says 30,000 die each year because British health care fails to match best in Europe

11 Feb, 2013

'Gross injustice': Tories appear to renege on manifesto pledge to raise inheritance tax threshold to £1m

11 Feb, 2013

Health Secretary set to announce cap on care costs but some say plans are 'as credible as Findus lasagne'

07 Feb, 2013

New investigation into care at UK hospitals ups pressure on beleaguered NHS chief to step down

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11 Dec, 2012

But the annual survey of trending search topics reveals that we still love football more than the Olympics

05 Dec, 2012

Ann Clwyd shares story of her husband's death as nursing chief demands more compassion