Jeremy Hunt

Bazalgette's Arts Council job has Big Brother haters in a spin

First Reaction
Wed 5 Sep, AT 10:27

Chairing the Arts Council 'is about lifting public taste not reducing it to the level of the sewer' says Strong


Cabinet reshuffle: 'illiberal moment' or obstacle removal?

Opinion digest
Wed 5 Sep, AT 10:22

Opinion Digest: for and against the Cabinet reshuffle, and online sock puppets

Reshuffle: Lansley out, Hunt in, IDS stays put, Boris furious

First Reaction
Tue 4 Sep, AT 15:31

Reaction to the big moves after David Cameron's first major Cabinet reshuffle


Reshuffle: Osborne, Cable stay in place - so what's the difference?

Tue 4 Sep, AT 14:46
The Mole

Jeremy Hunt gets Health, Ken Clarke stays in Cabinet, Greening flies from Transport, Shapps is party chairman


Murdoch's anti-Britain rant puts Boris's judgment in question

Mon 6 Aug, AT 08:27
The Mole

Should Boris have rolled out the red carpet for a man who can get the country's mood so wrong?

Empty seats embarrass London as Games get underway

One-Minute Read
Sun 29 Jul, AT 10:26

After the party to end all parties, mood is spoiled by seats left unused by IOC guests

Jeremy Hunt drops a clanger and nearly hits woman (video)

Fri 27 Jul, AT 14:17

In a 'Twenty Twelve' moment, Culture Secretary rings his bell so hard that the end flies off

2012 Olympics torch

David Beckham has key role in Olympic opening ceremony

Olympic Diary
Wed 25 Jul, AT 12:14

Olympic gossip: Famous footballer is part of the Games opener, but watch out for the smog

Cameron, Clegg and Boris all admit paying cash-in-hand

One-Minute Read
Wed 25 Jul, AT 08:43

Embarrassment for coalition after Treasury minister calls cash payments 'morally wrong'

Crispin Black

Border Agency walk-out? Give their jobs to redundant soldiers

Wed 25 Jul, AT 07:59
Crispin Black

It's right to invoke Reagan: he supported union rights against greedy bosses - but not in the public sector