Jeremy Paxman

Columnist Don Brind

TV watchers score Cameron the victor – but Labour are happy

Fri 27 Mar, AT 08:32
Don Brind

Majority of those thinking of switching their vote after watching the show would swap to Miliband

John Humphrys

'Silly sausage' John Humphrys: his other memorable moments

Thu 9 Oct, AT 11:35

Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten surprises John Humphrys with sausage quip on BBC Radio 4 Today

The silhouette of WWI troops as they march towards the front line

First World War: 'the violent birth of the modern world'

First Reaction
Mon 4 Aug, AT 11:02

Britain's newspapers reflect on World War One and the legacy of one of the bloodiest wars in history

Evan Davis

Evan Davis: Newsnight job provokes mixed reaction

First Reaction
Mon 21 Jul, AT 14:28

'Outstanding journalist' Evan Davis will replace Paxman – but should the BBC have hired a woman?

BBC Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman leaves Newsnight: his top seven moments

Thu 19 Jun, AT 09:22

As Jeremy Paxman steps down as inquisitor in chief, we review some of his most memorable battles

BBC Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman

Paxman quits: why did he go with juicy election coming up?

Thu 1 May, AT 10:38

Fed up with politicians and fed up with BBC execs is the consensus. Now, will Eddie Mair get his job?

Charles Laurence

'Guccifer' hacker stole Downton plot but didn't spill the beans

Wed 8 Jan, AT 10:27
Charles Laurence

Super-hacker broke into Julian Fellowes' email account of stealing Tina Brown's address book

Jeremy Paxman shaves and says 'beards are so 2013'

First Reaction
Tue 7 Jan, AT 09:49

Beard that divided Britain is no more as Newsnight host takes razor to hashtag-generating facial hair


Savile stink returns: Pollard report omitted crucial evidence

Thu 12 Dec, AT 12:31
The Mole

Lord Patten under pressure: tape recording about as welcome as dog poo, says Jeremy Paxman

Russell Brand row: Nick Clegg takes aim at 'sneering' Paxman

One-Minute Read
Thu 7 Nov, AT 14:56

Deputy Prime Minister wades into political debate prompted by comedian on BBC Two's Newsnight