Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman
28 Jun, 2012

As commenters rally round 30-year-old Chloe Smith, former current affairs boss says age gap is becoming an issue

Chloe Smith
27 Jun, 2012

The accountant-who-never-was 'took one for the team' on Newsnight last night

27 Jun, 2012

Why did the Chancellor sacrifice a hapless junior last night? Because he's seen Armageddon in the Treasury forecasts

Jeremy Paxman
13 Apr, 2012

Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman is among the speakers at the Stratford Literary Festival

Jeremy Paxman
21 Feb, 2012

Jeremy Paxman questions BBC's £1bn revamp at a time when it is supposed to have no money

19 Dec, 2011

Jeremy Paxman gets his knickers in a twist over Newsnight set looking like Santa's grotto

31 Oct, 2011

Broadcaster lashes out as study claims young will be 25 per cent worse off than their parents

Peter Oborne
29 Sep, 2011

EU representative walks out after Daily Telegraph columnist repeatedly refers to ‘idiots in Brussels’

Silvio Berlusconi Angela Merkel
21 May, 2014

Italian PM allegedly insulted German chancellor in recorded conversation with newspaper editor

04 Mar, 2011

Host Jeremy Paxman amused by Goldsmiths’ kettle mascot, but producers deem political stunt inappropriate