Jeremy Paxman

David Dimbleby
07 Feb, 2011

Dimbleby offered five more years in Question Time chair - but will he go to Glasgow?

03 Feb, 2011

Newsnight presenter hits out at ‘visionary senior management’ for another 'brilliant' initiative

01 Feb, 2011

What is with the C-word at the Beeb? After Naughtie, Paxman’s at it

Emily Maitlis
01 Oct, 2010

More than 30 BBC ‘big hitters’ sign letter asking workers to call off strike during Tory conference

20 Apr, 2010

The Mole: But is it enough? Should Dave be getting out the John Major soapbox?

09 Apr, 2010

The Mole: Leaders use upcoming TV debates as excuse to avoid Paxman

Jeremy Paxman
20 Apr, 2009

Newsnight presenter hopes to help scientists at Imperial College London research Parkinson’s disease and encourage other potential donors

28 Nov, 2008

As the drama of the financial crisis unfolds, Antonia Quirke casts Emily Maitlis as Nancy while Paxman hams it up