Jimmy Carr

19 Feb, 2013

Firms are 'running rings around' the taxman in schemes costing UK £5bn a year

03 Jan, 2013

Few viewers complained about James Corden's and Jack Whitehall's rude jokes – but it didn't stop the Mail

23 Jul, 2012

Government to crack down on tax avoidance schemes like the one used by Jimmy Carr

27 Jun, 2012

Opinion Digest: the Richard O'Dwyer case and David Cameron's political mis-steps

25 Jun, 2012

Opinion Digest: welfare cuts, Egypt's presidential election and the morality of taxation

David Starkey historian
24 Jun, 2012

Radical journalist got into furious row with TV historian after 'foothills of the Punjab' remarks

Ed Miliband Labour leader
22 Jun, 2012

The Labour leader admits his party 'got it wrong' and pledges to take action

22 Jun, 2012

Opinion digest: tax avoidance, Labour's immigration policy and the Tube

22 Jun, 2012

The more the Education Secretary upsets the Lib Dems, the more grassroots Conservatives crave him as their next leader

David Cameron
21 Jun, 2012

Debate rages after the Prime Minister has his say on the comedian's tax affairs