Jimmy Carter

Tony Blair
03 Sep, 2014

GQ names Tony Blair philanthropist of the year but it's not the first controversial prize to be awarded

02 May, 2013

Kenneth Bae may be 'bargaining chip' in regime's attempts to get concessions from the White House

14 Feb, 2013

Ed's history lesson: forget Harold Macmillan and remember how Ronald Reagan beat Carter in 1980

Crispin Black
20 Dec, 2012

Military leaders are like BBC execs – near-impossible to sack and without the self-knowledge to step down

05 Nov, 2012

US liberals threaten to head north if Romney succeeds but have they kept up with Canada's turn to the right?

19 Oct, 2012

Obama's faltering campaign should not surprise us – he has let down his followers on so many fronts

31 May, 2012

Mitt Romney follows Reagan's lead as he bids to get the Joint Chiefs of Staff on side

Troy Davis
21 Sep, 2011

Calls from the Pope, Jimmy Carter and many others fail, despite witnesses recanting their original testimony

Greensboro Lunch counter Woolworth's
11 Feb, 2010

Alexander Cockburn charts the demise of the American left since the heady days of Greensboro 1960

Barack Obama
04 Jan, 2010

Black doll discovered in Plains as Michelle Obama ‘chimp’ photo reappears